Sunday, March 16, 2008

Punch/ Matching Stamp Set List for SU Spring - Summer 2008 Catalog

I got this in an email from one of my yahoo stamping groups su-girlfriends. I just wanted to share it.

1 3/8" or 1 1/4" Circle: Cause for Celebration (Hostess), Pinch Proof, Always, Great Grads, Seriously Sassy (1 3/8" only), Best Kind of Friend, Boho Backgrounds, Frames with a Flourish, Dad's Day, Sweet Celebrations, Perfect Timing, Hi & Hello, Elegant Cheer, Lovely Labels, Taking Care of Business, Life Long Notes (Simply Start Kit)

1" Circle: Pinch Proof (smaller circle inside scalloped circle image), Independence Day, Enjoy Every Moment (just the flower one and it runs a little large), Always ("a" without the outside circle), Life's a Breeze (ball, a little large), A Beautiful Thing, From the Kitchen of, Sweet Celebrations, Taking Care of Business ("thanks")

3/4" or 1/2" Circle: Make it Count (Hostess), Thanks Tons (Hostess), Pinch Proof (small shamrock inside scalloped circle for layering), Independence Day (star within circle), Snow Flurries, Enjoy Every Moment, Always, Sweet Thing, One of a Kind, Sweet Celebrations (for layering/circles within the images), Sweet Serendipity

1/4" Circle: A Beautiful Thing, One of a Kind, Mark the Date, Hi & Hello, Sweet Serendipity

Scallop Circle: Forever Flowers (tight fit but works), Boho Backgrounds, Kind Thoughts, Sweet Celebrations ("Day to Remember" only--"Sweet Bundle" does not fit), Elegant Cheer

1 3/8" or 1 1/4" Square: Cause for Celebration (Hostess), Sweet Thing, Seriously Sassy, Frames with a Flourish (fits inside square frame for layering), Elegant Cheer, It's a Sign, Lovely Labels

Large or Small Tag: Happy Heart Day, A Little Birdie Told Me (everything but large bird) Sweet Serendipity, Elegant Cheer (sideways), Taking Care of Business

Large or Small Oval: Works with lots of sentiments but these stood out . . . Together Forever, Nursery Necessities, Just B, Sweet Serendipity, Celebrate Everything, Thanks for Everything, Taking Care of Business

Designer Label: One of a Kind, Dad's Day, Just B (sentiments), Elegant Cheer, Taking Care of Business (some but not all)

Round Tab: From the Kitchen of

Key Tag: Works with lots of sentiments but these stood out . . . For a Friend (Hostess), Forever Flowers, Great Grads, Sweet Thing, A Beautiful Thing, Spring Song, One of a Kind, Just B, Sweet Serendipity, Frames with a Flourish (bottom right image), Elegant Cheer, Taking Care of Business

5 Petal Flower: Stitched Exotics (punch is smaller but it works), Taking Care of Business (punch is larger but it works)

Word Window: Works with lots of sentiments but these stood out: Thanks Tons (Hostess), Enjoy Every Moment, A Little Birdie Told Me, Pun Fun (isolate sentiment with markers), Nursery Necessities, Many Happy Returns (isolate sentiments with markers), Celebrate Everything, Thanks for Everything

Star: Nursery Necessities, Classic Stars Jumbo Wheel

Large Star: Nursery Necessities, Classic Backgrounds,
Classic Stars Jumbo Wheel

Boho Blossoms: One of a Kind

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