Sunday, March 16, 2008

Build a Brad -

A fellow SBSstamper, Karen Harmon compiled this very helpful list. The following stamp sets that fit the ½ Circle Punch:

Great Sets
p. 19 Make It Count Hostess Set
p. 22 Thanks Tons Hostess Set
p. 32 Holiday Blitz (Smiley Face, Heart, Star)
p. 56 Taggers Dozen (& sign, butterflies, small words)
p. 57 Always
p. 57 Take Three
p. 82 A Beautiful Thing
p. 95 Little Flowers
p. 116 Little Pieces
p. 125 Mark the Date (small words & pictures)
p. 138 Amazing to Zany
p. 143 Circle of Friendship (centers)
p. 146 Short & Sweet (all pictures and some words)
p. 152 Everyday Flexible Phrases
p. 159 Rough Edges Mini Alphabet & Simple Serif Mini Alphabet & Numbers
p. 181 Three for you Punch Box

Okay Sets
p. 24 Time Well Spent (small flowers)
p. 29 Pinch Proof (small center shamrock)
p. 39 Loads of Love Accessories (small people)
p. 41 Big Bold Birthday
p. 47 Blooming with Love (small flowers)
p. 51 Enjoy Every Moment (small flowers)
p. 52 Greetings Galore (center of flower, small flowers)
p. 65 Happy Heart Day
p. 68 Sweet Thing
p. 70 Wild About You (Wild!, flower)
p. 72 Zoofari (Monkey face & birds)
p. 73 Family Accessories (baseball)
p. 78 Sporting (Star)
p. 79 Just Golf (ball)
p. 84 Embrace Life (small flowers)
p. 87 Polka Dots & Petals
p. 100 Wildlife Reserve (animal faces)
p. 107 Wanted (centers)
p.123 Seeing Spots (small ones)
p. 129 Please Come (center of clock)
p. 131 From the Kitchen (some pictures)

Occasions Mini Catalog
By Ones & By Twos
In the Stars
Live Your Dreams
One Smart Cookie

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